Manholes and inspection chambers provide one or more of the following functions in storm water drainage and sanitary sewer lines:

  • Pipeline access for purpose of cleaning and inspecting.
  • Directional changes in pipeline alignment.
  • Convergence of two or more pipelines.
  • Size increase.

Manholes and inspection chambers offered by SACOP are all-circular in section. Since they are always installed vertically, the external loads imposed on them due to the surrounding soil is radially inward. With the section thereby in uniform compression, the steel reinforcement in the vertical walls is minimal. Should unusual conditions exist which result in non uniform loads around the manholes, the purchases must provide SACOP with design requirement details.

The bottoms of the manhole and inspection chambers bases are reinforced against normal hydraulic uplift (buoyancy) in case the manhole is installed in wet conditions. Should a project involve unusual situations or manholes be very deep, the purchaser must provide SACOP with design requirement details.

The flat manhole covers are reinforced to support normal and reasonable loads imposed by city traffic. Their configuration also anticipates at least 20 cm of cover. Should more severe loads or less cover be expected, the purchaser must provide SACOP with design requirement details.

1200 mm is the most common manhole size, However, SACOP also offers 1800 mm, 1600 mm and 1000 mm manholes. All are available with precast bases and flat top covers.

Inspection Chambers

The basic function of an inspection chamber is to provide an access point into sewer or storm drain systems large enough to allow people to enter it and perform inspection and cleaning procedures manually. Inspection chambers are designed to provide access into sewer or storm drain systems for inspection, cleaning and sampling. Inspection chambers allow all maintenance work to be carried out from ground level. SACOP can supply any diameter of inspection chamber. All are available with pre-cast bases. The purchaser must provide SACOP with design requirement details.

Common uses include:

  • Line clean-out access
  • Interim access points in long pipe sections
  • Effluent sampling stations
  • Monitoring pits

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